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Welcome to my website! If you have visited with me in person, browsed through my website or visited my galleries, you know that my specialty is richly textured painting surfaces and warm, earth-inspited colors. My technique for creating depth and complexity of color is achieved through the addition of dozens of thin washes of paint.

I prefer to paint the essence of my subject matter, capturing its strength, passion and beauty. I am fascinated by the possibilities and impact of combining texture with subject matter, and enjoy taking my work in new and unusual directions. I am drawn to subtle, earthy colors, and the unique timelessness that they convey in my subject matter.

Mixed media, oil and acrylic paintings have a gallery wrap; the painting extends around the sides of the canvas, making framing unnecessary. Sold paintings are indicated with a . Web color reproduction is not always accurate. Larger files are available upon specific request. Please contact me for pricing information, questions and comments. Click on any thumbnail to see the entire painting. I invite you to send me an email if you would like to receive photographs of newly completed work. Thank you for visiting! UPDATED 12.11.15

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